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Past Life Regression Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a selection of common questions often asked about my services.

I understand how hypnosis can work remotely...but how can remote energy healing work?

Yes, it's easy to understand how hypnosis can work remotely because all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.


However, all the techniques I use during a session can be easily applied remotely, and they are just as effective online as they are in-person – with Reiki being no different.


But, I do appreciate the idea of remote energy healing can seem a little far fetched to some people. And this is understandable. However, without bombarding you with numerous case studies, research, and the latest scientific theories supporting the case for remote healing, let me ask you to consider this...

Apart from gravity, what else in your world is controlled by remote forces you cannot see?


Our phones are mobile. Our computers are wireless. Our photos are accessed via a 'cloud' we cannot see. And all of us can be found anywhere in the world by satellites located 550 kilometres away – and in space!

So, if you think you could benefit from the healing techniques I offer, please don't deny yourself these benefits just because you feel you don't fully understand how the forces could work remotely – just appreciate the fact they have for others and they can do for you.

Is hypnosis safe?

Completely. Because hypnosis is a non-intrusive therapy where YOU are always in control. There are many myths surrounding hypnosis, including the idea that people in a hypnotic state may act against their will or reveal private information. These scenarios, often portrayed in books or movies, are fabrications meant for entertainment.


In truth, the hypnotic state is more like a vivid daydream, where you remain in control. Morals and ethics remain intact and so does your sense of privacy.

Hypnosis is non-invasive and has no side effects. Most people are not aware that they actually undergo hypnosis every day. The trance-like feelings you experience while reading a book, watching a movie, or daydreaming are all hypnotic states characterised by focused attention.

What is the higher self?

This part of yourself knows all. It is much, much more complex than the subconscious generally dealt with in hypnosis and referred to in psychology. It is not a repository of problems and difficulties, but an immense resource of wisdom, intelligent insight, and knowing that can bring real meaning, fulfillment, and purpose to your life.


Your Higher Self can answer any and every question you have. It knows everything there is to know about you and the life you are living now.

And obtaining this information on your behalf is crucial to the healing aspects of the techniques I provide.


The Higher Self will only choose to share information that is appropriate at the time and information that will only be of benefit to you.

And, if appropriate, this part of you is also able to provide physical and emotional healing. It may do this instantly or its healing work will continue for days, weeks, and even months after your session.

Will I remember anything?

Some people seem to remember bits and pieces, but rarely the entire experience. This is why I'll provide you with an audio recording of your session so you can take it home, listen to it, and reflect upon it at your convenience.


Reviewing your session and gaining the wisdom and insights from your session is just as important, if not more so, as experiencing it.

Will I lose control of what I say or do?

No, your Higher Self will never act against your best interests or values. However, you will be in such a deep and relaxed state it may cloud your memory and conscious interaction at times. But it will never say or do anything to leave you exposed or vulnerable. Therefore, all the while you are totally in control.

If your conscious mind is concerned about anything, it won't allow you to go into a state of hypnosis. It's also important to note here, that you'll also have the opportunity during the interview process to get to know me and address any concerns you might have.

How many sessions will I need?

Most people only need one session. More sessions can be added if you like. And, if so, I can prepare you to access the desired state of relaxation quickly, thereby shortening the follow-up sessions considerably. I also give a discount for follow-up sessions, since they are shorter in length.

What is the best way to approach my session?

Approach it with an open mind and the curiosity of a child, with zero expectations. Like anything, as soon as you remove any expectations from a pending experience it has the opportunity to pleasantly surprise you as it unfolds.

What will I feel under hypnotic trance?

At no time will you be asleep or lose consciousness. And your experiences can be a mixture of auditory (as if listening), visual (as if seeing), or kinesthetic (sensations you feel).

Remember, no one stays hypnotised. If left in this state, the hypnotic dream becomes natural and the person awakes normally.

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