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Past Life Regression Therapy

Discover how Past Life Regression Therapy can help reveal what's holding you back in life.

And why you don't need to believe in past lives to benefit from this powerful therapeutic technique


I'm often told by my clients that their Past Life Regression was a very spiritual and profound experience for them. Because it allowed them to experience a life lived outside of their current incarnation.


However, I'm also well aware the idea of it can act as a barrier for people who struggle with the concept of reincarnation. And therefore, sadly denying them the benefits of such a powerful therapeutic technique.


And this really shouldn't be the case.

Because to gain the healing benefits of Past Life Regression Therapy you don’t need to believe in past lives at all.

All you have to be open to is the fact that your subconscious mind has, for whatever reason, decided to store a powerful and controlling story from outside of your current life experience.


And this story is now influencing your behaviour and shaping your outside world today.


So, by uncovering this story, I can help you release its damaging effects and help you move past whatever's holding you back in your life.

This is exactly how my own past life experience helped me

Because I had an amazing experience when I witnessed my own past lives. And I found what I learned about myself during that session very empowering.

But the fact I believe in past lives had no bearing on the healing lessons I learned from my hypnotic regression.

No, the healing came from understanding that an aspect of my present life was being influenced by the emotional events from a story outside of it.


Events from a story with no apparent connection to my current life at all. A story from another time, another place, and seemingly another person.


Yet for some inexplicable reason, my life was being influenced by this story and the emotions connected with it.

And then I had an epiphany.


Because, after the session, I realised how this story from my past life had been controlling the way I reacted emotionally to certain situations in my present life.


And, given this fresh insight, I could finally make sense of these negative emotions and why I had them.


Giving me the power to re-evaluate these situations for what they were and remove the unrelated and false emotions I connected with them.

Because this is what past life experiences are for.


They are moments in time for us to learn from and grow. And if we fail to learn from the lessons they’re teaching us, they'll continue to sabotage our lives until we do.

And this is how Past Life Regression Therapy can help you.

By allowing me to guide you back to a negative life experience where you have a strong emotional attachment, I can help you make sense of this experience and how it's affecting your life today.

But, and this is very important for you to understand, your subconscious will take you wherever you need to go for the healing to take place. I have no influence on where you go during your past life regression at all.

And once you witness the story unfold, and you will witness it as if it were happening, you will fully understand the true context of the experience along with the emotions connected with it.

So why is it so important to uncover these past experiences?


The reason it's so important is we all judge our present-day encounters by our past experiences. And our subconscious minds are sadly unable to tell the difference between the experiences we've had in our present life and those we've had in our past life.


This means every encounter we have throughout the day is measured against our past experiences – no matter which life they're from!


And so our reactions to these daily encounters are solely based on the emotions attached to these past experiences – and not driven by the situation in front of us at all.

We cannot create a new future by holding onto the emotions of the past

– Joe Dispenza

Therefore, over time, we develop our own subconscious roadmaps to these everyday situations – to create fast connections to our past experiences.

And generally, these roadmaps work very well. Allowing us to navigate the outside world without overthinking every situation we come across. Giving us an immediate frame of reference so we can deal with them quickly.

In fact, they have to work well. Because, without these mental roadmaps as a reference, our minds would grind to a halt with analysis-paralysis! Forcing us to think about every daily encounter we have as if it were the first time we've ever experienced it.

Just think of them as your emotional 'Fight or Flight' mechanism


But unfortunately, the downside to all this is, many of our maps are getting a little bit old now. Causing the way we react to these everyday experiences to be driven by out-of-date and often negative emotions.

The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation, but your thoughts about it

– Eckart Tolle


In fact, a lot of these mental roadmaps are so out-of-date they're no longer in line with who you are or the person you want to be. And so ultimately, instead of helping you, they are now holding you back!

But now, with Introspective Hypnosis and Past Life Regression Therapy, you can simply update these mental roadmaps – allowing your life's current destination to be updated to a more positive and abundant one.

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