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Quantum Healing Practitioner

What is Quantum Healing?

And how does it differ from an Introspective Hypnosis session?


With Quantum Healing I introduce energy healing techniques as well as hypnotic regression.

Therefore it is more suitable for clients who are interested in alleviating physical symptoms caused by energy blockages, as well as addressing any psychological blockages they might have.

And although I use different energy techniques, the main one I use with my clients is Reiki energy healing, and more specifically I use the Usui Method of Natural Healing.

Reiki energy is the fundamental life force of the universe. Its conscious energy nourishes and flows through all life. And because it originates from the infinite source of all there is, it can only do good.

And so during your session, I channel this Reiki energy via my hands allowing you to receive its full healing power and letting the energy flow wherever it needs to go. 

It is also possible for me to focus Reiki energy remotely, which I discuss in the Frequently Asked Questions section. And this allows me to offer Reiki energy healing online rather than in person, by using the 'Distant Symbol'.


Because I don't heal you with my energy. I only act as a conduit for you to receive the universal Reiki energy and let it fully activate your own self-healing power.

You see, Reiki is energetic nourishment. And, it promotes relaxation, detoxification, and good overall balance within mind, body, and soul. Allowing you to join with the universal life force connecting all living things on Earth.

In fact, as many of my clients have found, when I combine energy healing with the techniques of Introspective Hypnosis, it allows them to relax more deeply – as well as experience a profound healing energy flow throughout their body.

I've also discovered the use of energy healing techniques works very well with clients who may be more resistant to the hypnotic trance. As it allows them to overcome any anxiety they might have as well as help quieten an overactive conscious mind.

So when you book your session with me, we'll discuss what your needs are and decide whether using these healing energies would be more beneficial for you than a purely Introspective Hypnosis session. 

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