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Past Life Regression

Do you ever feel like your life's being held hostage?

As if something is holding you back and stopping you realising your full potential?

Feeling like no matter what you do to change things, your life always ends up the same? Accepting this is just the way things are and there's nothing you can do about it?

And so, as life ticks by, you build up a collection of beliefs to back this theory up. Beliefs based on negative life events proving to yourself and others why you haven't managed to catch a break.

But, what if your perception of events isn't accurate?


What if there are aspects of these past events you didn't quite understand at the time – because maybe you were too young?

Or maybe, over time, you've edited certain bits out? Removing the bits that didn't quite fit with the story you've been telling yourself. 

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

We all edit the stories from our past to reinforce our personal beliefs. 


So we can justify the results we've achieved...prove it was somebody else’s fault...or convince ourselves we couldn’t have done anything differently.

However, over time, we start to believe in our version of events as fact – forgetting that we've edited them at all.


And it's believing in these 'false' versions of our past that's now limiting our true potential. 


Because our lives are driven by the beliefs created from our past.


And so if we now accept these beliefs may be built on false information, doesn't it make sense to find out what really happened?


Doesn't it make sense to discover the truth behind the events now responsible for these life-limiting beliefs? To discover if, by knowing what really happened in the past, we can create a more positive and objective viewpoint?

You see, the scary thing is, we don’t even realise how many of these 'false' beliefs are controlling our lives today!

With most of them so deeply embedded in our subconscious, we’re not even aware of them!

We've in fact conditioned ourselves to believe
all sorts of things that aren't necessarily true –
And many of these things are having
a negative impact on our health and happiness

– Joe Dispenza

But there is a way out.

With Introspective Hypnosis, I'll help you discover what your life-limiting beliefs are, and how they've been holding your true self hostage for years. 


Because, during your session, we'll revisit the events responsible for these negative beliefs, so you can uncover the truth behind them – the real truth!


Allowing you to not only understand the power they've had over you all these years, but to finally transform that power into building more positive and life-affirming beliefs. 

So, if you want to take control of your life, reconnect with your Higher Self, and overcome your life-limiting beliefs click here to book your session today.

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